Trees for Green Friday

Black Friday…the consumption holiday, a celebration of spending, created by big-box retail.

We’re over it…

It’s time for a Green Friday, a celebration of giving back, created for you and the planet. This year, we’re giving away trees and having them professionally planted this spring by Heartwood Tree Company.

Want a tree?

(Clients and non-clients may apply, no purchase necessary)

  1. Follow MHB Real Estate on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  2. Take a picture of yourself, your family, your dog, or someone/something in the location where you’d like a tree planted.
  3. Post your picture and tag MHB Real Estate, along with the words, “It’s Green Friday and MHB Real Estate is planting free trees! @mhbrealestate #treesbymhb”
  4. We’ll pick three winners on Monday, December 9th, 2019 and be in touch to finalize the details. 
*Note, applicable market area is Madison, WI and surrounding suburbs. MHB will follow the recommendations of Heartwood Tree Company for determining the planting season this spring.

What kind of trees are we planting?

Final tree selections subject to change based on availability from Heartwood. We’re expecting to plant 1.5″ trunk caliper tree, planted height of 8-9′. Winners will have a choice of the following species:

Northern catalpa Catalpa speciosa

Despite being one of the showiest trees you can grow in Madison, catalpas are not widely planted in this area. This tree’s heart-shaped leaves are delightfully massive, and in late spring, expect a beautiful display of orchid-like white flowers, which emit a scent of sweet, spicy nutmeg. The fruit is also quite elegant, resembling a gigantic vanilla bean. Tolerant of many adverse conditions, catalpas grow quite quickly, reaching a maximum height of 40 to 70 feet.

Northern red oak Quercus rubra

Native to Wisconsin, this tree grows fast for an oak, putting on up to two feet of height per year for the first decade of its life. It’s also tough, tolerating moderate amounts of salt, black walnut toxicity, soil compaction, and air pollution. But we don’t suggest you subject it to all four of those stressors at once! In fall, it puts on a bright red display. This is a long-lived tree, with a lifespan of 250-500 years. In Wisconsin, northern red oaks are a favorite host species of chanterelle mushrooms, but we make no guarantee that you’ll be able to attract chanterelles to your yard by planting this tree! Reaches 60 to 75 feet.

Swamp white oak Quercus bicolor

This native oak is smaller than the bur oak and has a more upright habit, making it a good candidate for formal landscapes or tight spaces. Swamp white oaks produce lovely, subdued gold fall color, and have attractive peeling bark, providing year-long interest. As its name indicates, this oak thrives in moist soil, but it also tolerates drier conditions. Their upright structure is quite striking, and these trees look great even when relatively young (no awkward adolescent phase). They reach 50 to 60 feet tall, growing at a slow to moderate pace. Plant these in a line along the entrance of your chateaux for instant, understated elegance. Or if you live in a swamp, plant these helter skelter for a swampy look.

PS. If you don’t know Heartwood Tree Company, check this video out, these guys know trees.