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Working at MHB will be much different than the average real estate agent opportunity…

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of Real Estate Agents fail within the first 5 years. Of those who make it 5 years, rising to higher levels of success is even more rare. At MHB, we’re changing all that. Our business model is built to out-perform the traditional model for our clients, but also for our agents. We’re built to produce highly competent and highly compensated real estate salespeople. Despite charing lower fees, MHB generates approximately *173% more gross commission per agent than the average gross commission across the other top 10 real estate offices in Dane County.

We are not recruiting everyone, we are not always hiring and we don’t believe in doing real estate as a part time agent. We are in search of great professionals, who want to work hard to achieve both personal and team success. We need more people whose minds and motivations align with ours.

Joining MHB means joining a team, joining our mission, and participating in a unique culture. We provide a service and you become our product. We understand that engaged, satisfied, well compensated team members are a vital component to the overall success of our business. 

MHB operates in an upbeat, fast-paced, and ever-changing environment. Challenges are sought out, comfort-zones are expanded. Our work is providing clients with the best possible real estate experience. 

If the following describes you, we would love to hear from you:

  • Discipline – you set goals, build habits, execute ideas, learn from your wins and losses, then repeat.
  • Solid communication skills – articulate ideas well, think ahead, be prompt.
  • Self-organization – good daily habits, directed at intentional processes, applying effort strategically to accomplish your goals.
  • Attention to every detail – collectively, all the small things make big a difference.
  • Personality – people like to do business and work with people they like.
  • Drive – unrelenting focus and effort improves all other aspects.

Benefit Include:

  • A based on business (leads and handoffs) provided**
  • You get out what you put in earning potential
  • Support for vacation structure
  • Regular team outings, lunches, events
  • Ergo office environment
  • Administrative support
  • Team leadership support
  • “Paid training” through on-the-job experience/mentors training model***
  • Base of business/clients provided until self sufficient in generating your own business
  • W2 Employee w/ 4% 401k match after 1 year
  • No group health insurance yet, but you’ll make enough to pay for it
  • Sales spiffs and incentive potential
  • Company vehicle program for top agents
  • Association dues, MLS fees, and other expenses paid
  • Opportunity to join us on the ground floor as we change the real estate industry

Please submit your resume and a cover letter with a few words about yourself in the Application Form below.

*Based on 2022 MLS sales data, 1/1/2022-12/15/2022, using 6% commission on traditional broker sales volume.

**A based of business (leads and handoffs) is provided to help fuel the growth of personally procured business. Qualified candidates must be able to apply MHB sales best practices to generate and convert business of their own.

***Subject to qualifications—most new agents will spend at least one full year working under and learning from a senior agent.

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