We saved sellers over $700,000 in 2016!

Traditional Realtors like to charge 6%…we don’t! 2016 was the best year yet in The Evolution of Real Estate.

How’d we save our clients that much money?

Instead of charging a 6% of the sale price – we charge one rate, $2,500 and our clients only pay an additional 3% to a buyer’s agent when there is one involved. This saved our customers an average of $8,335 in 2016.

By utilizing better processes, new technology, and a team approach we’re more efficient. We paired this efficiency with experienced advice, powerful marketing, and awesome customer service. As a result, our listings sell for great prices and move quickly. Combined with a one rate fee of $2,500, our seller clients net as much as possible from the sale of their home.

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Updated: February 6, 2017

The Numbers

Your home sold. A bigger check at closing.

MHB provides an outstanding, top rate real estate service, at a one rate fee of $2,500 - $500 upfront and $2,000 at closing. We still offer to pay buyer's agents a commission, but that fee is only paid if there is a buyer's agent involved.

Selling PriceTraditional AgentMHB SavingsMHB Direct Savings
$200,000 $12,000$3,500$9,500
$300,000 $18,000 $6,500$15,500
$500,000 $30,000 $12,500$27,500
$750,000 $45,000$20,000$42,500