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Matthew & Megan saved $9,870 by selling with MHB

"When the idea of using a flat fee real estate agency to sell our house came up, my wife immediately had one she had heard rave reviews about from one of her colleagues: MHB Real Estate. Being a bit more skeptical about it, I looked into it more and to my delight MHB seemed like a promising agency that was rather successfully disrupting the traditional real estate model. All I had to do was drive around Sun Prairie and I started to notice more and more signs that were MHB listed houses. So we did the math, and ultimately concluded that we could save a bundle listing with them. MHB has a model where they charge a flat fee of $3,000 instead of the traditional 3%. However, what's important to note is that the buyer's agent will still cost you 3%; that is unless MHB finds a new buyer who's unattached to any agent - if they do that then the whole thing will only cost $3,000! Now with that being said most buyer's will already have an agent so you should go into things expecting your real estate fees to be $3,000 + 3% of the sale price. Still, that sure beats the heck out of the 6% of sale price that you traditionally would pay. In fact the more expensive your house is, the more you'll save by using MHB! Now while you can find most details about how MHB works on their website, I'll be honest when I say that the only noticeable difference between MHB and having a traditional agent, is that you might develop a closer relationship with a traditional agent because they manage fewer clients than an MHB agent. And if it's your first time selling a house, a traditional agent might have more time to walk you through things, but truth be told MHB was plenty responsive with walking us through everything we needed to know. The only hiccup we had in the whole process was an unexpected closing date change when there seemed to be some miscommunication about how we needed to close on the sale of our house for the purchase of our new home, but after a bit of scrambling it all turned out fine. Our agent Kaitlin was very responsive throughout everything and communicated great via emails and texts. In the end the results speak for themselves. We wanted to get our house listed as fast as possible, and with a little prep work on our side, MHB was able to help us get our house photographed and listed in less than a week. MHB also provides you with plenty of good information (e.g. a suggested price range to sell your home based on comparable houses), but ultimately puts you in charge of making the decisions on such things. Once our home was listed showings were easily managed via an app; and I am happy to report that we accepted an offer for our full asking price just 1 week after our listing went live. In the end we saved just shy of $10,000 by listing with MHB; money that we happily put towards paying down a couple of points for a lower mortgage rate and putting towards other closing costs. I without a doubt would recommend MHB to anyone looking to sell their house. Their team is results oriented and operates smoothly. My advice to those looking to sell is to get with the times and go flat fee with MHB."
Matthew & Megan – Sun Prairie

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Neil & Melisa

So happy to have found this company. The team was very helpful every step of the way. Special thanks to Sam for making the selling of our home stress free. ...

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Rachel & Bob

The MHB Team was great to work with! From my initial inquiry they were very prompt & informative. They work great together in every way. Each step of the selling process ...

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How much will MHB save you?

The idea

Valuable service at a fair price.

Realtor or FSBO? Lets boil this down: An experienced Realtor brings value to the process of selling a home and is more effective than FSBO at getting the house sold - but the commission paid offsets much of that value. FSBO leaves sellers feeling lost and/or short on time and is less effective, but FSBO is cheap.

Our big idea; give homeowners the best of both worlds - service, advice, marketing, and expertise like you'd get from the best realtor in town, all at an amazing rate of just $2,500, no matter the sale price of the home.

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