Walk to the Orange Carpet beat with jams by Sonos!

The MHB Orange Carpet home buyer program comes with many home buyer benefits, but the Sonos Bonus is icing on the cake.

How can you qualify for a Sonos?

Work with MHB Real Estate to purchase your next home, we’ll give you a bonus for getting your ducks in a row ahead of time. Buyer’s who complete the following steps will receive a Sonos Play:1 Speaker, a $149 value, yours free.

  1. Hire us by signing a Buyer Agency Agreement with MHB Real Estate.
  2. Meet with a lender and deliver a pre-approval letter to your MHB agent.
  3. Meet in-person or virtually with your MHB agent to define and setup your search criteria, then start receiving listing notification updates.

Why give away Sonos speakers?

Buying a home is an exciting experience. At MHB, we believe it should be fun also.

If you’ve ever experienced the ease and quality of music from Sonos, you’ll agree, it brings a sense of enjoyment to life. Music relieves stress, lightens your mood, and may even make you start dancing.

We like to believe that working with MHB brings the same type of value to the home buying experience. Our expert home advisors help guide the process, make it more fun, and improve the likelihood of breaking out your dance moves after finding the perfect home.

Reach out to someone from MHB today to be ahead of the curve if you’re buying a home.

*One condition applies; you think of us every time you’re enjoying the music. 🙂

Updated: February 23, 2018