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With Zillow and other resources, why use the average Realtor to help you buy a home?

Our answer: Don't do it.

How is buying a home with MHB any different?

In addition to MLS listing notifications and everything else that an average realtor provides, we’ll roll out The Orange Carpet.

lightbulb_outline The best and the brightest

We’re not growing by recruiting more agents 24x7x52. We hire the best and the brightest when we need more help.

school Relevant experience

On average, each of our agents has the experience of 50 sales per year vs 6 sales per year by the average realtor. When you’re spending hundreds of thousands or perhaps a million dollars or more, relevant experience from a full time professional is crucial.

timeline Upcoming inventory

As Dane County’s largest listing team, we have knowledge of the largest pool of upcoming listings to give you a head start on the perfect home.

money_off $2,500 listing program

Utilizing our help to sell your home and purchase another makes for a seamless transition and alot more money in your pocket.

stars The Orange Carpet bonus

Upon completing the following 3 steps:

  1. Signing with MHB
  2. Obtaining and delivering a preapproval letter to us
  3. Meeting in-person or virtually to setup your listing notifications.

All you have to do is sign up and we’ll bring your home to life with music from Sonos. Click here for more details on the Orange Carpet Bonus and why we’re offering it.

*One condition applies; you think of us every time you’re enjoying the music. 🙂

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Selling too? We list every home at one rate—$2,500. That's it.

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Buying a home with MHB is the best.

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"I couldn't be happier with the service I received from MHB."

— Annalyse, Madison - Buyer & Seller

"The whole process was smooth and well coordinated."

— Chris, DeForest - Two-time Buyer

"I've already recommended MHB to many family members and friends."

— Dave, Fitchburg - Buyer

"We would not have been able to buy a home without Chris and the MHB team."

— Lisa, Madison - Buyer

Meet our team

Dan Tenney

Founder / Lead Advisor

Chris Barreau

Partner / Realtor

Erica Wiley


Kaitlin Solomon


David May


Theresa Wiley

Team Coordinator

Michael Weiss


Kara Murphy

Team Coordinator