$2,500. There's gotta be a catch?

Nope, no catch. We offer robust marketing, expert advice, and proven results, except we charge a fraction of the price.

And no, we're not crazy either. It's just that, at MHB, we have a different philosophy and business model than the pre-internet era of real estate firms.

Dan and his team were a perfect fit for selling my home. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from MHB. And to top it off, I saved over $10,000 in commissions!"

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in real savings since 2014!

The idea

Valuable service at a fair price.

Realtor or FSBO? Lets boil this down: An experienced Realtor brings value to the process of selling a home and is more effective than FSBO at getting the house sold - but the commission paid offsets much of that value. FSBO leaves sellers feeling lost and/or short on time and is less effective, but FSBO is cheap.

Our big idea; give homeowners the best of both worlds - service, advice, marketing, and expertise like you'd get from the best realtor in town, all at an amazing rate of just $2,500, no matter the sale price of the home.

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