Your Home: Sold
Your Bank Account: Healthy
Your Heart: Happy

What can you expect when you sell your home with MHB?

Top Agents.

Experience, and lots of it, is essential. We’ve been there before - probably twice in the last week. Our agents sell more homes and have more first-hand experience than any other firm in Dane County.

5-Star service.

Check out the 500+ 5-Stars reviews on Google. We’re on top of our game to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Done differently.

While many many firms and their agents cling to a forgone era of big commissions and an independent agent business model, we’ve perfected a process, utilized tech and implemented a team approach that makes it possible for our agents to leave the current generation of real estate in their rear view mirror.

A $5,000 commission rate.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Every year, home prices continue to go up and commissions continue to get bigger. At the same time, the job of selling houses has changed drastically because of the internet, advancements in technology, and consumer shopping habits. While every seller still pays traditional closing costs to a title company, with MHB, the only other brokerage fees you might pay is commission to a buyer’s agent.

Proven results.

We regularly outperform the rest of the real estate market on list-to-sale price, days on the market, and other metrics. Ask us to see the sales data for your city, neighborhood, etc.

Welcome to the future of real estate.

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Here's How Much Money

We'll Keep in Your Pocket

At MHB, we focus on protecting your bottom line. Compared to traditional agents, we price our listings higher, negotiate more competitively with buyers, and sell homes more quickly — all for just $5,000 (significantly less than a traditional agent's commission). Set the estimated value of your home below to reveal your MHB total advantage.

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MHB Total Advantage

Meet Us

Meet MHB

Get to know our team and our service.
Home Prep and Scheduling

Home Prep and Scheduling

We’ll come to your home to give you tips on minor home improvements and staging. During the home visit, we’ll create a schedule of upcoming key dates and touchpoints.


We'll perform a detailed analysis to determine a price recommendation for your home. While we advise you follow our recommendation (we’ve done this a few times), your home’s list price is ultimately your decision.
MHB Professional Photographer


After that, our team photographer will come take beautiful photos of your home.


We’ll go into marketing mode, prepping your listing for the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, social media, and more! We’ll write your listing description and create a property details sheet to share with buyers during showings.
Listing Goes Live

Listing Goes Live

After your listing goes live, we’ll run showings and follow up with buyers and other realtors.
Offer Collection and Presentation

Offers and Negotiations

We’ll provide a summary and detailed explanation of every offer we receive on your home. We’ll also share our recommendations based on your unique situation and help negotiate an acceptable offer.
Lead the Escrow Process


Once you accept an offer, we’ll lead the escrow process, managing timelines and scheduling closings.


We’ll review all documents, answer questions, and attend closing.

We’ve made the selling process a lot more enjoyable—for everyone.