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One of the biggest differences working at MHB is that you are 100% treated like a valuable employee instead of just a number. As agents, we are given a wealth of tools and resources to thrive all while being surrounded by other MHB team members who also want the best for you! It’s a win-win.
Kaitlin Solomon
We collaborate here at MHB. And we practice in a work environment where we come together frequently to bounce ideas off one another and learn from unique experiences and situations. We also are constantly pushing each other on new and better ways to represent our clients.
Chris Barreau
At MHB, we are blessed with an amazing team with a lively culture (yes, we have fun and laugh together!) Part of being on a team at MHB means collaborating and learning together.
Kristin Shields
We are a group of high-performing, high-quality people with the common goal of being the best in the real estate industry. We are the fastest growing agency in Dane County. The pace is fast and never dull.
Kelly Byers

At MHB, we believe in teamwork, innovation, and constantly honing our craft to deliver a level of service and value that exceeds what you’d find at a traditional real estate agency.

We’re dedicated, resourceful, and incredibly knowledgeable in all things real estate, and for good reason: on average, each of our agents manages upwards of 50 home transactions per year.

While many agencies recruit a sea of independent contractors as agents, we’re all employees of MHB Real Estate. As a result, we march to the beat of the same, bright orange drum and strive towards the same goal: providing a satisfying and effective real estate experience for our clients, while pricing our services to deliver the strongest value on the market.

We believe in teamwork, innovation,
and constantly honing our craft.

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