A Greater Vision for Real Estate

Improving real estate

We believe in something better.

A recent survey commissioned by the National Association of Realtors reported the following as the number one problem the industry faces: “Masses of Marginal Agents Destroy Reputation - The real estate industry is saddled with a large number of part-time, untrained, unethical, and/or incompetent agents. This knowledge gap threatens the credibility of the industry.”

MHB Real Estate is here to improve this dynamic for our clients, our agents, and our industry. That's why we believe we're the best real estate company in Dane County.

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For sellers

We've made selling a home better.

As “The Evolution of Real Estate” we noticed the world around us is constantly changing, yet the traditional realtor approach is stuck in a past generation. By utilizing better processes, new technology, and a team approach, we are more efficient. We paired this efficiency with experienced advice, powerful marketing, timely customer service, and proven practices. As a result, our listings sell for great prices and they sell quickly. Combined with a one rate fee of $2,500, our seller clients net as much as possible from the sale of their home.

Happy clients with more money in their pockets is the evolution real estate has been waiting for.

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To be the best, we've hired the best.

Our agents

Instead of recruiting a large number of independent contractors as our agents, we hire the best and the brightest to represent our company and our clients. Our agents are employees of MHB Real Estate. They receive benefits, their expenses are paid, and they are backed by support staff to make them most efficient. On an annual basis, our agents experience more than double the average number of annual transactions and they earn more than double the average Realtor.


Stronger Service. Stronger Value.

We considered all the smallest details, built a top notch team, and implemented a proven process to deliver the most satisfying and effective real estate experience. Then we priced our service to present the strongest value proposition imaginable.


Our Team

Dan Tenney — Founder / Lead Advisor

Dan's excitement for real estate is only matched by his admiration of MHB orange - which he strategically incorporates into his daily wardrobe. With Dan, "excitement" may be an understatement when it comes to new ideas. It’s like Christmas morning for Dan each time he shares his latest and greatest idea. Dan is one of the “good guys” - this shines through in both the way he conducts business and in every client transaction he leads. Dan exudes a calm and collected attitude, which compliments his unmatched negotiating skills perfectly. Like a bad cold or a catchy tune, Dan’s demeanor is contagious amongst the Team at MHB - they love him for this, most days anyway.

Dan enjoys living an active, “whole food, plant based” lifestyle, balanced with just the right amount of Bourbon Whiskey. After a regular family outing to Willy Street Co-Op, Dan is most happy at home with his wife Kristen and uber adorable sons - Little Man (Elijah) and Mr Eyes (Isaac). The Tenney’s also enjoy a running, biking and time outdoors with “the boys” Barry & Eddie - their labrador sons. When not at home or with family, Dan's frequently in a sand trap or searching for his ball at Nakoma Golf Club.

Chris Barreau — Partner / Home Advisor

We're not sure if Chris sleeps or even sets his iPhone down for that matter; his clients love him for this. Chris seeks out and retains information like an owl from a storybook, which comes in handy for real estate. In his pre-MHB days, Chris pursued his professional baseball aspirations, while "studying" at UW-La Crosse. He's a smart dude, he even has a bachelor’s degree in Finance/Economics to prove it.

Chris enjoys long walks on our local sidewalks with his wife Brooke and dog Jack. We've found that providing Chris with a beer and a seat at a local establishment, such as Wisconsin Brewing, is probably the best way to make him temporarily set aside his drive for real estate. He's also one of those "sports guys". If you mention anything that's been on ESPN recently (or perhaps ever) Chris can talk details.

Erica Wiley — Home Advisor

Erica's immaculately clean, color coordinated, and perfectly organized desk is synonymous with the type of real estate service she provides. The timely, concise, and thorough communication provided by Erica often leaves her clients with their questions answered before they have a chance to ask. Before falling in love with MHB, Erica made the world of commercial real estate a better place. Prior to that, Erica's fellow students at Madison College loved having her around. We all remember that lifesaving friend who was first to class and always had their homework done, right? Thanks Erica!

As much as Erica would like to take credit, it's well-known that her husband, Justin, is responsible for the naming of their adorable "fur-babies" Iceman, Cougar, and Maverick. As fun as those names are, hanging out with Erica and Justin is a blast, even if she insists on listening to 80's music. It's no wonder they are most often surrounded by friends and family, while traveling, grabbing a bite to eat, or enjoying the great outdoors.

Kaitlin Solomon — Home Advisor

There’s no such thing as “Breaking News” with Kaitlin around - she found out two days ago. Example: Kaitlin knew she was going to work at MHB before MHB did, no joke. Her thirst for knowledge, relentless pursuit of answers, and elephant-like memory make her a valuable asset in when it’s time to buy and/or sell one of your most valuable assets. You won’t be surprised to know she graduated from Edgewood College with a degree in Communications to suit the previously mentioned personal strengths.

Kaitlin's husband Jake will tell you, “I fell in love watching her throw perfect spirals in 4-inch heels”. Aside from the spirals, Kaitlin also hits the gym about as often as Aaron Rodgers. As a connoisseur of all things Wisconsin - Badgers, Packers, and the foodie scene that coincides, Kaitlin sees dedication to health and fitness as an essential. Whether she's breaking bread, hanging out, or traveling, Kaitlin surrounds herself with friends, family, and good conversation.

David May — Home Advisor

David is a lifelong Madison resident that has worked in the financial and banking industry for over 10 years. His dedication, drive, and compassion for his clients provide for a smooth and hassle free experience.

David is an avid outdoorsman and when he's not on the boat he is probably golfing David is very active in the community and participates in many local chambers.

Michael Weiss — HOME ADVISOR

He's out of the pool and into the real estate market. Michael applies the same level of dedication and drive to real estate as he did his career as a professional swimmer. In his years as a Badger athlete, Michael was also an Academic All-American. They say, "Win the morning, win the day". With Michael, the 5am swim sessions are now 5am business sessions. Michael's clients can count on him to be one stroke ahead of the market and his Realtor competition.

When his home showings are done for the day, Michael's ideal plans would consist of a hike, fun in any type of water, and relaxing with a glass of wine afterward - unless there's a Badger Football game of course.

Kristin Shields — Home Advisor

Kristen's bio coming soon

Kristen's bio coming soon

Theresa Wiley — Team Coordinator

If Theresa's not hiding under a desk or in a supply closet waiting to provide a mini heart attack for one of her unsuspecting coworkers, she's busy bringing an equal amount of genuine dedication and positivity to her client and colleague interactions. She doesn't use emoji's in her emails, but you can still tell she's smiling on the other end. Theresa's ability to listen, learn, and problem solve make her a go-to for MHB's buyers and sellers.

If Theresa had wings, she would be a migratory bird, in endless pursuit of warm weather and good times. Minus the wings and feathers, Theresa and her husband Jeremy do frequent tropical climates about as often as the change of seasons here in Wisconsin. When she's not closer to the equator, Theresa's most likely bringing sunshine to a local fiesta, such as a Badger game or boating on the Madison lakes.

Kara Murphy — Team Coordinator

Kara's profile coming soon.

Stay tuned.