MHB – the next Uber, Netflix, Amazon?

This team has launched a revolutionary approach to real estate that is disrupting a local industry worth $150 million.

Until recently, the real estate industry has failed to provide homeowners with a modern day option for selling their home. Each year, thousands of families debate whether to pay a Realtor an exorbitant amount of commission or take the risk of selling their home FSBO. Over the past several decades, the vast majority of full-service real estate brokers have decided to clench on to their 5-7% commissions, instead of listening to the customer and rethinking their approach to benefit the consumer.

A customer-focused approach to providing a better value proposition in real estate meant taking a step back and designing a service from the ground up. The foundational values being: 1. Hiring great agents as full-time employees with benefits, providing them with a support team, and putting them in a position to succeed. 2. Providing top-rate advice, marketing, advertising and photography to sell homes effectively. 3. Utilizing technology, a team approach, and new processes to be most efficient.

As a result, MHB is now closing more listing sales than any other full-service real estate team in the market. Their average days on the market ranks #1 and their average sale price ranks #2 when compared to their top broker competition. To date, $2,289,731 of commission has been kept in the pockets of local homeowners.

In the short term, MHB plans to first achieve a top market share in the local market. Then, expand into new markets.

Updated: October 4, 2017