Why $5,000?

MHB Real Estate has pioneered a new approach to full-service real estate at a flat fee. Since opening our business, we have:

  • – Saved clients over $5,000,000
  • – Helped approximately 1,000 buyers and sellers
  • – Improved customer support through team growth/collaboration
  • – Increased the reach of our marketing by organic and social growth
  • – Implemented additional technology for improved process and client experience

Today, we’re not just saving our clients money, we’re outperforming the market. We are:

  • – Able to list our average listings 1.07% higher ($3,690) than the market average when compared to assessed value.
  • – Helping our sellers negotiate 19% less ($555) off their asking price vs the average sale.
  • – Selling our listings 21% faster (8 days) vs the average sale.
  • – Achieving these results, while saving our average seller $8,245 in commission vs paying a traditional realtor 6%.

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