How MHB saves you thousands by providing better service

Our goal is to sell your home for as much a possible while charging you as little as possible.

The cost of our service is $3,000. $500 is paid upfront and the remaining $2,500 is paid at closing. We offer an additional 3% commission to Buyer’s Agents. This 3% is critically important because a large percentage of buyers are working with an agent. Next, we structure our marketing plan to provide the best possible odds that the buyer contacts MHB direct, which takes the 3% commission out of the equation.

In contrast, the antiquated approach utilized by majority of realtors is based on charging a commission entirely based on percentage. This is usually 6% of the selling price. If your listing agent sells your home directly to a buyer, your listing agent keeps all 6%. They call this “double-dipping”. More commonly, if there’s another realtor involved the 6% commission is split 50/50 sending 3% to each realtor.

With MHB, you are guaranteed to save the difference between 3%, minus $3,000. While you have the opportunity to save 6%, minus $3,000. In either case, your home sells for as much as possible and your fees are as little as possible.

Lastly, it’s important to consider a couple aspects of listing for sale by owner.

  1. Without professional marketing, advice, sales, and negotiations, you are likely to net less money from your sale.
  2. Your time has value. You’ll be doing all the works and coordinating showings yourself.
  3. FSBO listings are almost always (about 99%, based on our latest local research) sold by a Buyer’s Agent, requiring more commission. Our marketing practices increase the odds of an MHB direct sale with no 3% commission drastically.

We’re igniting the evolution of Real Estate. We provide a top rate service at a unbeatable one rate fee and as a seller you no longer have to choose between hiring a realtor or selling FSBO. MHB delivers the best of both worlds.